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Planning a service?

My.Hymnary makes it simple to plan worship services,
print high-quality sheet music, and present songs during worship.

Enhance your search with any of the following optional information:


Rapidly build service plans

  • Custom song suggestions tailored to your congregation's unique preferences.
  • Add songs to plans and easily select which verses or translations to sing.
  • Enhance collaboration by including informational notes and sharing plans with your team.


High-quality scores

  • Print exceptionally crisp, high-quality scores custom-tailored to your worship service.
  • Instantly transpose a song's sheet music to any key with one click.
  • Simple, intuitive sharing tools allow you to share customized scores on demand for upcoming services with all of your musicians to view and print on their own.


Effortlessly display music and lyrics during worship

  • Automatically synchronized to our audio recording of each song, allowing for trouble-free display of music and lyrics during worship.
  • Customize your song presentations to fit your congregation's specific needs: toggle between light and dark backgrounds, various font sizes, and form of music notation: harmony, melody, lyrics-only, or our innovative "piano roll" format.
  • Export any My.Hymnary song presentations to PDF, PowerPoint, or PNG.

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