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Page 1/1 Engraved by Verovio 3.15.0-5abc7c0 A ’Twas Through The Yea, When Verse maz grace man Lord when we’ve ing that y has this been F grace! taught dan prom flesh there How my gers, ised and ten F/C C7 sweet heart toils, good heart thou the to and to shall sand Dm B sound fear, snares, me, fail, years, F 6 that and I his and bright saved grace have word mor shin a my al my tal ing F wretch fears read hope life as like re y se shall the F/C C/B me! lieved; come; cures; cease, sun, F/A I how ’tis he I we’ve F once pre grace will shall no was cious hath my pos less F lost, did brought shield sess, days but that me and with to F/A now grace safe por in sing am ap thus tion the God’s B F/A B found; pear far, be, veil, praise F 15 was the and as a than F/A blind, hour grace long life when but I will as of we’d Dm F/C now first lead life joy first I be me en and be F/C C7 see. lieved. home. dures. peace. gun. F title Amazing grace! (how sweet the sound) My.Hymnary - The United Methodist Hymnal #378 WORDS: John Newton, 1779; st. 6 anon.; phonetic transciption Cherokee, Kiowa, Creek, Choctaw as sung in Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference; Navajo phonetic transcription by Albert Tsosi (1 Chr. 17:16-17) MUSIC (AMAZING GRACE, CM): 19th cent. USA melody; harm. by Edwin O. Excell, 1900
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First Line:
Amazing grace! How sweet the sound
Amazing Grace
Author (st. 1-5):
John Newton (1779)
Author (st. 6):
Transcriber (Navajo phonetic):
Albert Tsosi
Phonetic transcription Cherokee, Kiowa, Creek, Choctaw as sung in Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference
Cherokee; Choctaw; Creek; English; Kiowa; Navajo
Publication Date:

Tune Information

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Edwin O. Excell (1900)