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I Will Extol Thee, O My God


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Engraved by Verovio 3.11.0-648ba66 I Each Your Verse F will gen might ex er y tol a acts you, tion and O to glo my the rious God, next deeds C7 4 and shall we praise tes shall you, ti with O mo awe my ny con F B King; bear, fess. F yes, and Your ev to good ery your ness day praise, we and from will C Dm ev age cel er to e more age, brate B C title I Will Extol Thee, O My God NOEL (Sullivan) arranger Arthur S. Sullivan My.Hymnary - I Will Extol Thee, O My God Engraved by Verovio 3.11.0-648ba66 10 your your and prais won sing es drous your I acts right will de eous Dm F/C C7 sing. clare. ness. F Great Up Most is on gra the your cious LORD, glo and our rious com A might maj pas y es sion God, ty ate Dm 16 and and is great hon God, ly or who to I reigns be will a C/G G7 praised; dwell, bove; C his and his great all wrath ness your is is grand ev un and er Am D search glo slow a rious to ble, works rise, Gm C 22 a and un bove great bound all ness ed glo I is ry will his F F/C C7 raised. tell. love. F –  page 2  – My.Hymnary - I Will Extol Thee, O My God
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I will extol you, O my God,
and praise you, O my King;
yes, every day and evermore
your praises I will sing.
Great is the LORD, our mighty God,
and greatly to be praised;
his greatness is unsearchable,
above all glory raised.
Each generation to the next
shall testimony bear,
and to your praise, from age to age,
your wondrous acts declare.
Upon your glorious majesty
and honor I will dwell,
and all your grand and glorious works
and greatness I will tell.
Your mighty acts and glorious deeds
we shall with awe confess.
Your goodness we will celebrate
and sing your righteousness.
Most gracious and compassionate
is God, who reigns above;
his wrath is ever slow to rise,
unbounded is his love.

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First Line:
I will extol Thee, O my God, And praise Thee, O my King
I Will Extol Thee, O My God
Meter: D
Refrain First Line:
Every day will I bless Thee
Public Domain

Tune Information

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NOEL (Sullivan)
Arthur Sullivan (1874)
Public Domain