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Take Thou Our Minds, Dear Lord


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Engraved by Verovio 3.11.0-648ba66 Take Take Take Take thou thou thou thou our our our our Verse minds, hearts, wills, selves, dear O Most O Lord, Christ; High! Lord, we they Hold heart, hum are thou mind, bly thine full and pray; own; sway; will; 5 give come have through us thou in our the with our sur mind in in ren of our most dered Christ souls souls souls each and thy thy pass claim per plans ing thy fect ful day; throne; way; fill. title Take Thou Our Minds, Dear Lord HALL (Laufer) lyricist William Hiram Foulkes composer Calvin Weiss Laufer My.Hymnary - Take Thou Our Minds, Dear Lord Engraved by Verovio 3.11.0-648ba66 9 teach help guard We us us thou yield to to each our know shed sa selves the a cred to truth broad hour thee: that thy from time, sets death self tal us less ish ents, free; love; ease; all; 13 grant use guide we us us thou hear, in to our and all make or hence our the dered forth thoughts earth lives heed, to like as thy hon heaven thou sov or a dost ereign thee. bove. please. call. –  page 2  – My.Hymnary - Take Thou Our Minds, Dear Lord
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Take thou our minds, dear Lord, we humbly pray;
give us the mind of Christ each passing day;
teach us to know the truth that sets us free;
grant us in all our thoughts to honor thee.
Take thou our hearts, O Christ; they are thine own;
come thou within our souls and claim thy throne;
help us to shed abroad thy deathless love;
use us to make the earth like heaven above.
Take thou our wills, Most High! Hold thou full sway;
have in our inmost souls thy perfect way;
guard thou each sacred hour from selfish ease;
guide thou our ordered lives as thou dost please.
Take thou ourselves, O Lord, heart, mind, and will;
through our surrendered souls thy plans fulfill.
We yield ourselves to thee: time, talents, all;
we hear, and henceforth heed, thy sovereign call.

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First Line:
Take thou our minds, dear Lord, we humbly pray
Take Thou Our Minds, Dear Lord
William H. Foulkes
Public Domain

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HALL (Laufer)
Calvin Weiss Laufer (1918)
Public Domain