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Praise for Spiritual and Temporal Mercies


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O bless the Lord, my soul;
let all within me join,
and aid my tongue to bless his name,
whose favors are divine.
O bless the Lord, my soul,
nor let his mercies lie
forgotten in unthankfulness,
and without praises die.
’Tis he forgives your sins,
’tis he relieves your pain,
’tis he that heals your sicknesses
and makes you young again.
He crowns your life with love
when ransomed from the grave;
he that redeemed my soul from hell
has sovereign pow’r to save.
He fills the poor with good;
he gives the suff’rers rest:
the Lord has judgments for the proud
and justice for th’oppressed.
His wondrous works and ways
he made by Moses known,
but sent the world his truth and grace
by his beloved Son.

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First Line:
O bless the Lord, my soul! Let all within me join
Praise for Spiritual and Temporal Mercies
Isaac Watts
Public Domain

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ST. MICHAEL (Genevan)
Louis Bourgeois
Public Domain