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Father, Long before Creation


Page 1/1 Engraved by Verovio 3.11.0-648ba66 Fa Though Your Lov ther, the com ing long world pas Fa be may sion ther, Verse F C fore change is now cre its our be a fash sto fore tion ion, ry, you Dm Am you you is we had will our shall cho still boast ev sen re ing er B F us main all sing in the the your love, same; day; grace, C 5 and your mer and that com cy our love pas free song so sion and will F C deep, and nev sound so your er for mov cov fail ev ing, enant ing er Dm Am draws through moves when us all our we close a will, see to ges di you B Gm7 Christ will rects face a re our to bove. main. way. face, Csus4 C F 9 Still Your God giv it own so ing keeps chil loved glo us dren us ry B F firm shall that to ly for he the fixed ev gave Lamb in er his up Dm Gm Christ praise on on a your ly the F C7 lone. name. Son. throne. F title Father, Long before Creation translator Francis P. Jones composer William H. Monk My.Hymnary - Father, Long before Creation
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Father, long before creation
you had chosen us in love,
and that love so deep, so moving,
draws us close to Christ above.
Still it keeps us
firmly fixed in Christ alone.
Though the world may change its fashion,
you will still remain the same;
your compassion and your covenant
through all ages will remain.
Your own children
shall forever praise your name.
Your compassion is our story,
is our boasting all the day;
mercy free and never failing
moves our will, directs our way.
God so loved us
that he gave his only Son.
Loving Father, now before you
we shall ever sing your grace,
and our song will sound forever
when we see you face to face,
giving glory
to the Lamb upon the throne.

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First Line:
Father, long before creation
Father, Long before Creation
Francis P. Jones (1953, alt.)
Chinese, c.1952
Place of Origin:
Public Domain

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William Henry Monk (1871)
Public Domain