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Draw Nigh and Take the Body of the Lord


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Engraved by Verovio 3.11.0-648ba66 Draw Saved Christ, He Let Christ With Al near by our spent us rules heav’n pha and Christ’s Re his ap our ly O Verse take Bod deem life proach hearts, bread me the y er, for with and Christ ga, Bod and God’s great faith all makes un y his e est ful his the to of ho ter and hearts saints hun whom the ly nal for sin de gry shall Lord, Blood, Son, least, cere fends; whole; bow 5 And With Has Praise And He His All drink souls by Christ claim gives liv na with re his the the be ing tions faith freshed cross Pas prom liev wa of the we and chal ise ers ter the Blood give blood Vic of life fills earth, for our the tim, sal that the be you thanks vic Christ va nev thirst with out to t’ry the tion er ing us poured. God. won. Priest. here. ends. soul. now. title Draw Nigh and Take the Body of the Lord COENA DOMINI (10.10) composer Arthur S. Sullivan, 1842-1900 My.Hymnary - Draw Nigh and Take the Body of the Lord
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Draw near and take the Body of the Lord,
And drink with faith the Blood for you outpoured.
Saved by Christ’s Body and his holy Blood,
With souls refreshed we give our thanks to God.
Christ, our Redeemer, God’s eternal Son,
Has by his cross and blood the vict’ry won.
He spent his life for greatest and for least,
Praise Christ the Paschal Victim, Christ the Priest.
Let us approach with faithful hearts sincere
And claim the promise of salvation here.
Christ rules our hearts, and all his saints defends;
He gives believers life that never ends.
With heav’nly bread Christ makes the hungry whole;
His living water fills the thirsting soul.
AlphaOmega, unto whom shall bow
All nations of the earth, be with us now.

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First Line:
Draw nigh and take the Body of the Lord
Draw Nigh and Take the Body of the Lord
Latin Title:
Sancti venite, corpus Christi sumite
J. M. Neale (1861)
Latin hymn, 7th cent.
Public Domain
Liturgical Use:
Communion Songs

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Arthur Sullivan
Public Domain