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How Can A Sinner Know


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How can we sinners know
our sins on earth forgiven?
How can my gracious Savior show
my name inscribed in heaven?
What we have felt and seen,
with confidence we tell,
and publish to the ends of earth
the signs infallible.
We who in Christ believe
that he for us hath died,
we all his unknown peace receive
and feel his blood applied.
We by his Spirit prove
and know the things of God,
the things which freely of his love
he hath on us bestowed.
The meek and lowly heart
that in our Savior was,
to us that Spirit doth impart
and signs us with his cross.
Our nature’s turned, our mind
transformed in all its powers,
and both the witnesses are joined,
the Spirit of God with ours.

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First Line:
How can a sinner know
How Can A Sinner Know
Charles Wesley (1749)
Public Domain

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ST. MICHAEL (Genevan)
Louis Bourgeois
Public Domain