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Holy God, We Praise Thy Name


Page 1/2 Engraved by Verovio 3.11.0-648ba66 Ho Hark! Lo, Ho ly The the ly Verse God, glad ap Fa we ce os ther, praise les tol Ho your tial ic ly name; hymn train Son, 5 Lord an joins Ho of gel your ly all, choirs sa Spir we a cred it: bow bove name three be are to we fore rais hal name you; ing; low; you, all cher proph while on u ets in earth bim swell es your and the sence scep ser glad on ter a re ly claim, phim, frain, one; 13 all in and un in un the di heav’n ceas white vid a ing robed ed bove cho mar God a rus tyrs we dore prais fol claim you. ing, low; you, In fill and and fi the from a nite heavens morn dor your with to ing, vast sweet set bend do ac of the main, cord: sun, knee title Holy God, We Praise Thy Name translator Clarence A. Walworth lyricist Ignace Franz My.Hymnary - Holy God, We Praise Thy Name Page 2/2 Engraved by Verovio 3.11.0-648ba66 21 ev “Ho through while er ly, the we last ho church own ing ly, the the is ho song mys your ly goes ter reign. Lord!” on. y. –  page 2  – My.Hymnary - Holy God, We Praise Thy Name
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Holy God, we praise your name;
Lord of all, we bow before you;
all on earth your scepter claim,
all in heav’n above adore you.
Infinite your vast domain,
everlasting is your reign.
Holy Father, Holy Son,
Holy Spirit: three we name you,
while in essence only one;
undivided God we claim you,
and adoring, bend the knee
while we own the mystery.

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First Line:
Holy God, we praise Thy Name
Holy God, We Praise Thy Name
German Title:
Grosser Gott, wir loben dich
Clarence A. Walworth
Author (attributed to):
Ignace Franz
Te Deum (para.)
English; Spanish
Russian translation: "Bozhe slaveem muiy tebya"
Public Domain

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Public Domain