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Within Thy Temple, Lord


Page 1/1 Engraved by Verovio 3.11.0-648ba66 With Let The Verse in Zi towers Thy on’s of tem mount Zi ple, re on Lord, joice, tell, We Let Her on Ju pa Thy dah’s la mer daugh ces cies ters sur dwell; praise vey, 7 Far The Mark as Lord all Thy with her name cheer bul is ful warks known, voice, well, There For And doth judg to Thy ment your praise He chil ex dis dren cel: plays; say: 13 Thy Go This prai round God ses the for sound walls e through on ver ev Zi shall ery on’s a land, mount, bide, And Go E’en right round un Thy her to scep splen death, ter dors our shall to God com re and mand. count. guide. title Within Thy Temple, Lord My.Hymnary - Within Thy Temple, Lord
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Within Thy temple, Lord,
We on Thy mercies dwell;
Far as Thy name is known,
There doth Thy praise excel:
Thy praises sound through every land,
And right Thy scepter shall command.
Let Zion’s mount rejoice,
Let Judah’s daughters praise
The Lord with cheerful voice,
For judgment He displays;
Go round the walls on Zion’s mount,
Go round her splendors to recount.
The towers of Zion tell,
Her palaces survey,
Mark all her bulwarks well,
And to your children say:
This God forever shall abide,
E’en unto death, our God and guide.

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First Line:
Within thy temple. Lord, We on thy mercies dwell
Within Thy Temple, Lord
Meter: D
Public Domain

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ST. JOHN (13355)
Composer (attributed to):
W. H. Havergal
Public Domain