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Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus


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Warning: This transposition has several high notes in it, making it difficult to sing.

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Engraved by Verovio 3.11.0-648ba66 Stand Stand Stand Stand Verse up, up, up, up, stand stand stand stand up up up up for for for for Je Je Je Je sus, sus, sus, sus, ye the stand the sol trum in strife diers pet his will of call strength not the o a be cross; bey; lone; long; 7 lift forth the this high to arm day his the of the roy might flesh noise al y will of ban con fail bat ner, flict, you, tle, it in ye the must this dare next not his not the suf glo trust vic fer rious your tor’s loss: day. own. song. 13 from Ye Put To vic that on those t’ry are the who un brave gos van to now pel quish vic serve ar e t’ry him mor, vil his a each a ar gainst piece crown my un put of he num on life shall bered with shall lead, foes; prayer; be; title Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus WEBB ( D) lyricist George Duffield composer George James Webb (1803-1887) My.Hymnary - Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus Engraved by Verovio 3.11.0-648ba66 19 till let where they ev cour du with ’ry age ty the foe rise calls King is with or of van dan dan Glo quished ger, ger, ry and and be shall Christ strength nev reign is to er e Lord strength want ter in op ing nal deed. pose. there. ly. –  page 2  – My.Hymnary - Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus
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Stand up, stand up for Jesus,
ye soldiers of the cross;
lift high his royal banner,
it must not suffer loss:
from vict’ry unto vict’ry
his army he shall lead,
till ev’ry foe is vanquished
and Christ is Lord indeed.
Stand up, stand up for Jesus,
the trumpet call obey;
forth to the mighty conflict,
in this his glorious day.
Ye that are brave now serve him
against unnumbered foes;
let courage rise with danger,
and strength to strength oppose.
Stand up, stand up for Jesus,
stand in his strength alone;
the arm of flesh will fail you,
ye dare not trust your own.
Put on the gospel armor,
each piece put on with prayer;
where duty calls or danger,
be never wanting there.
Stand up, stand up for Jesus,
the strife will not be long;
this day the noise of battle,
the next the victor’s song.
To those who vanquish evil
a crown of life shall be;
they with the King of Glory
shall reign eternally.

Text Information

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First Line:
Stand up, stand up, for Jesus, Ye soldiers of the cross (Duffield)
Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus
George Duffield (1858)
Meter: D
Refrain First Line:
Stand up, ye soldiers
Public Domain

Tune Information

Section: verse
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George James Webb (1837)
Meter: D
Public Domain
Section: refrain
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GEIBEL (Geibel)
Adam Geibel (1901)
Meter: D with refrain
Public Domain