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Thou art the Way, to Thee alone


Page 1/1 Engraved by Verovio 3.11.0-648ba66 Thou Thou Thou Thou Verse F art art art art the the the the Way: Truth: Life: Way, to thy the the C7 thee word rend Truth, a a ing the lone lone tomb Life: Dm 4 from true pro grant C sin wis claims us and dom thy that death can con Way we im quering to F C7 F flee; part; arm; know, C and thou and that C7 all on those Truth who ly who to would canst put keep, the in their that F B Fa form trust Life ther the in to seek mind thee win, F 10 must and nor whose seek pur death joys him, i nor e Lord, fy hell ter by the shall nal Gm F C7 thee. heart. harm. flow. F title Thou art the Way, to Thee alone lyricist George W. Doane composer Thomas A. Arne arranger Ralph Harrison My.Hymnary - Thou art the Way, to Thee alone
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Thou art the Way: to thee alone
from sin and death we flee;
and all who would the Father seek
must seek him, Lord, by thee.
Thou art the Truth: thy word alone
true wisdom can impart;
thou only canst inform the mind
and purify the heart.
Thou art the Life: the rending tomb
proclaims thy conquering arm;
and those who put their trust in thee
nor death nor hell shall harm.
Thou art the Way, the Truth, the Life:
grant us that Way to know,
that Truth to keep, that Life to win,
whose joys eternal flow.

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First Line:
Thou art the Way, to Thee alone
Thou art the Way, to Thee alone
George W. Doane (1824)
Public Domain

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Thomas Augustine Arne (1762)
Public Domain