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Page 1/2 Engraved by Verovio 3.11.0-648ba66 Go Fol Cal Ear to low v’ry’s ly dark to mourn has Geth the ful ten Verse sem judg moun to a ment tain the ne, hall; climb; tomb 3 You View There, Where who the a they feel Lord dor laid the of ing his temp life at breath ter's ar His less pow'r; raigned: feet, clay; Your O Mark All Re the the is deem worm mir sol er's wood a i con and cle tude flict the of and see; gall! time, gloom; 7 Watch O God’s Who with the own hath Him pangs sac tak one His ri en bit soul fice Him ter sus com a hour; tained! plete: way? Turn Shun “It Christ not not is is from suf fin ris’n! His f’ring, ished!” He griefs shame, Hear meets a or the our way; loss; cry; eyes: title Go to Dark Gethsemane composer Richard Redhead My.Hymnary - Go to Dark Gethsemane Page 2/2 Engraved by Verovio 3.11.0-648ba66 11 Learn Learn Learn Sav of of of ior, Je Him Je teach sus to sus us Christ bear Christ so to the to to pray. cross. die. rise. –  page 2  – My.Hymnary - Go to Dark Gethsemane
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Go to dark Gethsemane,
You who feel the tempter's pow'r;
Your Redeemer's conflict see;
Watch with Him one bitter hour;
Turn not from His griefs away;
Learn of Jesus Christ to pray.
Follow to the judgment hall;
View the Lord of life arraigned:
O the wormwood and the gall!
O the pangs His soul sustained!
Shun not suff’ring, shame, or loss;
Learn of Him to bear the cross.
Calv’ry’s mournful mountain climb;
There, adoring at His feet,
Mark the miracle of time,
God’s own sacrifice complete:
“It is finished!” Hear the cry;
Learn of Jesus Christ to die.
Early hasten to the tomb
Where they laid his breathless clay;
All is solitude and gloom;
Who hath taken Him away?
Christ is ris’n! He meets our eyes:
Savior, teach us so to rise.

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First Line:
Go to dark Gethsemane
Go to Dark Gethsemane
James Montgomery (1825)
Public Domain

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Richard Redhead (1853)
Public Domain