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Depth of mercy! can there be


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Engraved by Verovio 3.11.0-648ba66 Depth I I There Now of have my for in mer long Mas me cline cy! with ter the me Verse Can stood have Sav to there his de ior re be grace, nied, stands, pent, 3 mer long I shows let cy pro a his me still voked fresh wounds now re him have and my served to cru spreads sins for his ci his la me? face, fied, hands. ment, Can would oft God now my not pro is my God heark faned love! foul his en his I re wrath to hal know, volt for his lowed I de bear, calls, name, feel; plore, title Depth of mercy! can there be SONG 13 ( lyricist Charles Wesley composer Orlando Gibbons My.Hymnary - Depth of mercy! can there be Engraved by Verovio 3.11.0-648ba66 7 me, grieved put Je weep, the him him sus be chief by to weeps lieve, of a an and and sin thou o loves sin ners, sand pen me no spare? falls. shame. still. more. –  page 2  – My.Hymnary - Depth of mercy! can there be
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Depth of mercy! Can there be
mercy still reserved for me?
Can my God his wrath forbear,
me, the chief of sinners, spare?
I have long withstood his grace,
long provoked him to his face,
would not hearken to his calls,
grieved him by a thousand falls.
I my Master have denied,
I afresh have crucified,
oft profaned his hallowed name,
put him to an open shame.
There for me the Savior stands,
shows his wounds and spreads his hands.
God is love! I know, I feel;
Jesus weeps and loves me still.
Now incline me to repent,
let me now my sins lament,
now my foul revolt deplore,
weep, believe, and sin no more.

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First Line:
Depth of mercy! can there be
Depth of mercy! can there be
Charles Wesley (1740)
Public Domain

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Orlando Gibbons (1623)
Public Domain