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Kneeling, Pleading, Waiting


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Have mercy, Lord, on me,
As Thou wert ever kind;
Let me, oppressed with loads of guilt,
Thy wonted mercy find.
Lord, wash away our guilt,
And cleanse us from our sin;
For we confess our wrongs, and see
How great our guilt has been.
Against you, Lord, alone,
And only in your sight
Have we transgressed; we stand condemned:
Your word is just and right.
Blot out our many sins,
Remove them from your view;
Clean hearts create for us, O God;
Our spirits now renew.
The joy your grace can give
Let us again obtain,
And may your Spirit’s strong support
Our contrite hearts sustain.

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First Line:
Have mercy, Lord, on me, As Thou wert ever kind
Kneeling, Pleading, Waiting
Tate and Brady's New Version, Ed. of 1698
Public Domain

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William Daman (1579)
Public Domain