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From Heaven Above to Earth I Come


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Engraved by Verovio 3.11.0-648ba66 “From “To “This “He “These How Come Wel Ah, Were In And Ah, My Glo heav'n you is will are glad here, come Lord, earth stead so dear heart ry a this the on the we‘ll my to though a of it est for to bove night Christ, you signs be friends, earth, you thou soft pleas Je ve God to is our the which to lift O cre sand and es sus, ry in earth born God gifts you find up no a times silk you ho joy high I a most be shall it your ble ted as en to ly must est come child high, stow mark: so! eyes, Guest, all, fair stuff see Child, leap; heaven, Verse title From Heaven Above to Earth I Come VOM HIMMEL HOCH lyricist Martin Luther translator Catherine Winkworth My.Hymnary - From Heaven Above to Earth I Come Engraved by Verovio 3.11.0-648ba66 2 To Of Who Pre The Then And Through How And You This Pre My Who bear Mar hears pared swad with see whom weak set have sim pare lips un good y, your by dling the what the you with but ple a no to news cho sad God clothes shep in sin are, gold hay truth bed, more us to sen and for and herds the ful so and and re soft, can his ev' vir bit all man let man world poor jew straw vealed un si Son ry gin ter be ger us ger is and els so to de lence has home; mild; cry; low, dark. go lies. blest! small, rare, rough me: filed keep. given! 3 Glad This He That There To Who You That It On That With I, While ti lit will in you see is came you would which all in too, an dings tle him his will what this to should be as the my must gels of child self king find God child, share choose far King, world‘s heart, sing sing great of your dom, the for so my to too so wealth, made with with joy low Sav bright in us young mis lay poor rich hon clean joy pi I ly ior and fant has and er your and and or, and ful ous bring, birth be fair, laid done fair? y head small great, might new, tongue mirth –  page 2  – My.Hymnary - From Heaven Above to Earth I Come Engraved by Verovio 3.11.0-648ba66 4 Where Shall From You By In It That Where A To Are A That A of be all may whom send is you low cra be weak qui sweet glad I the your with the ing the might ly dle en and et est new now joy sins us heav'ns us Christ share cat for throned worth cham an year will of to his and his child your tle the in less ber cient to say all set glo earth own ly joy late Lord roy in kept cra all and the you ry were dear ing with ly of al your for dle the sing: earth. free. share. made.” Son. there. me. fed! all. state. sight. you. song: earth. –  page 3  – My.Hymnary - From Heaven Above to Earth I Come
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“From heav'n above to earth I come
To bear good news to ev'ry home;
Glad tidings of great joy I bring,
Whereof I now will say and sing:
“To you this night is born a child
Of Mary, chosen virgin mild;
This little child of lowly birth
Shall be the joy of all the earth.
“This is the Christ, our God most high,
Who hears your sad and bitter cry;
He will himself your Savior be
From all your sins to set you free.
“He will on you the gifts bestow
Prepared by God for all below,
That in his kingdom, bright and fair,
You may with us his glory share.
“These are the signs which you shall mark:
The swaddling clothes and manger dark.
There you will find the infant laid
By whom the heav'ns and earth were made.”
How glad we‘ll be to find it so!
Then with the shepherds let us go
To see what God for us has done
In sending us his own dear Son.
Come here, my friends, lift up your eyes,
And see what in the manger lies.
Who is this child, so young and fair?
It is the Christchild lying there.
Welcome to earth, O noble Guest,
Through whom the sinful world is blest!
You came to share my misery
That you might share your joy with me.
Ah, Lord, though you created all,
How weak you are, so poor and small,
That you should choose to lay your head
Where lowly cattle lately fed!
Were earth a thousand times as fair
And set with gold and jewels rare,
It would be far too poor and small
A cradle for the Lord of all.
Instead of soft and silken stuff
You have but hay and straw so rough
On which as King, so rich and great,
To be enthroned in royal state.
And so it pleases you to see
This simple truth revealed to me:
That all the world‘s wealth, honor, might
Are weak and worthless in your sight.
Ah, dearest Jesus, holy Child,
Prepare a bed, soft, undefiled
Within my heart, made clean and new,
A quiet chamber kept for you.
My heart for very joy must leap;
My lips no more can silence keep.
I, too, must sing with joyful tongue
That sweetest ancient cradle song:
Glory to God in highest heaven,
Who unto us his Son has given!
While angels sing with pious mirth
A glad new year to all the earth.

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First Line:
From Heaven above to earth I come To bear good news to every home
From Heaven Above to Earth I Come
German Title:
Von Himmel hoch, da komm' ich her
Martin Luther (1535)
Catherine Winkworth
Public Domain

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Martin Luther (1535)
Public Domain