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Parting Hymn


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Savior, again to thy dear name we raise
with one accord our parting hymn of praise;
guard thou the lips from sin, the hearts from shame,
that in this house have called upon thy name.
Grant us thy peace upon our homeward way;
with thee began, with thee shall end the day.
From harm and danger keep thy children free,
for dark and light are both alike to thee.
Grant us your peace, Lord, through the coming night;
turn all our darkness to your perfect light;
then, while we sleep, our hope and strength renew,
for dark and light are both alike to you.
Grant us thy peace throughout our earthly life;
peace to thy church from error and from strife;
peace to our land, the fruit of truth and love;
peace in each heart, thy Spirit from above;

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First Line:
Savior, again to Thy dear name we raise (Ellerton)
Parting Hymn
John Ellerton (1866)
Public Domain

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E. J. Hopkins (1869)
Public Domain