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In Sweet Communion, Lord, With Thee


Page 1/1 Engraved by Verovio 3.11.0-648ba66 In Your Whom Though To Verse B sweet coun have flesh live com sel I, and a mu through Lord, heart part nion, my in should from E Lord, earth heaven faint God with ly but and is you way you, fail, death; B 6 I shall to the ’tis con guide whom Lord good stant me my will his ly and thoughts e face a con as ver to bide; trol, pire? be seek. Fsus4 F my and And, the My hand then hav strength ref you to ing and uge B hold glo you, por is with ry what tion the in af more of liv your ter on my ing E own ward earth heart, God; B 16 to you is my his keep will there God praise me re I e I F near ceive can ter long your my de nal to F7 side. soul. sire? ly. speak. B title In Sweet Communion, Lord, With Thee PSALM 73 composer William U. Butcher  My.Hymnary - In Sweet Communion, Lord, With Thee
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In sweet communion, Lord, with you
I constantly abide;
my hand you hold within your own
to keep me near your side.
Your counsel through my earthly way
shall guide me and control,
and then to glory afterward
you will receive my soul.
Whom have I, Lord, in heaven but you,
to whom my thoughts aspire?
And, having you, what more on earth
is there I can desire?
Though flesh and heart should faint and fail,
the Lord will ever be
the strength and portion of my heart,
my God eternally.
To live apart from God is death;
’tis good his face to seek.
My refuge is the living God;
his praise I long to speak.

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First Line:
In sweet communion, Lord, with Thee
In Sweet Communion, Lord, With Thee
Public Domain

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PRAYER (Butcher)
William U. Butcher (1860)
Public Domain