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Page 1/1 Engraved by Verovio 3.15.0-5abc7c0 Go, tell it on the Refrain F B moun tain, F Dm o ver the hills and Gm B /C C ev ery where; F B /C 5 go, tell it on the F B moun tain F Dm that Je sus Christ is B 6 B /C C7 born. F 10 While The Down Verse shep shep in herds herds a kept feared low their and ly F C7/G watch trem sta ing bled ble F/A F o’er when the F/A si lo! hum lent a ble flocks bove Christ by the was Gm B /C C7 night, earth born, F 16 be rang and F hold, out God through the sent out an us the gel sal Am7/E heav cho va ens rus tion Dm7 there that that shone hailed bless a our ed ho Sav Christ ly ior‘s mas G G7 light. birth. morn. C C7/E title Go, Tell It on the Mountain My.Hymnary - Go, Tell It on the Mountain WORDS: John W. Work (1872-1925) MUSIC (GO, TELL IT; Irregular): African-American spiritual
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First Line:
While shepherds kept their watching
Go, Tell It on the Mountain
John W. Work
African-American spiritual
Refrain First Line:
Go, tell it on the mountain
Spanish translation: See "Pastores sus rebaños" by Anita Gonzáles
Public Domain
Liturgical Use:
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Meter: with refrain